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Building Strong Relationships

Another day, another disappointment…

He did it again. He let you down.

Then you turn to your friends, but they’re too busy.

You are never too busy: You drop everything for everyone, but no one returns the favor.

Wiped out at the end of the day… never a thank you.

When you haven’t learned to navigate them…

Relationships are complicated.

We learn how to be in relationships from our past. But what if our past didn’t teach us what we needed to learn?

There are so many reasons why we may have missed out on the lessons that make great and fulfilling relationships.

Sometimes it’s what was modeled when we were children. Sometimes it is experiences we had with our own intimate relationships. Other times it may be one very scary encounter that left a feeling of terror and never feeling safe again. Whatever the reason, the result is the same.

Are you constantly wondering why you are in relationships that always let you down?

Or why it is that when you have wonderful people in your life, you cannot seem to hang on and be happy with them?

This makes life chaotic and crappy. It does not have to stay this way.

I will show you a better way.

We will explore the patterns of your life and look at what does and doesn’t work.

Then we will make a plan to get you where you want to be—tailoring each step to get you to your ideal life.

Have you experienced feeling a deep connection with someone, then getting disappointed that they cannot live up to your needs? Then after you break the relationship off, you regret the decision. Or things may be going really well, and all of a sudden, you are ghosted.

Then the thoughts happen…

“What is wrong with me? Why aren’t I enough? I’m never good enough for anyone.”

After enough of these disappointments you decide that you are not going to put yourself out there anymore. Then the self-deprecating thoughts get louder till you just feel completely inadequate in every aspect of your life.

The good news is that you are not alone in this.

I know this dance. I have seen it many times.

Through careful listening, respectful interactions, and thought-provoking exercises, I have guided many out of these patterns to a healthy and happy relationship with themselves and ultimately others.

This is your time now. Take the next step.

Working through therapy, you’ll one day find yourself feeling powerful and doing the things that make you light up.

See how this relationship will get you to the lasting and fulfilling relationships you deserve.

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