For a quick and simple way to take the edge off, please find a quiet space and listen to a complimentary five minute guided relaxation


Looking for connection… looking for more.

When you think no one else would ever understand…

When you wonder… does anyone else ever feel this way?

When you realize that the conversations that you have with others are just superficial…

When you want a place to be yourself without fear of backlash…

Then this powerful and transformative experience is for you!

Once you experience the power of a group setting, there’s no turning back.

Do you remember the last time you were able to share your thoughts and feelings with others… and not worry that something bad was going to happen?

This is a place where everyone is here to support and be supported. The whole goal is to be yourself… and learn things about yourself… with cheerleaders all around.

… a place to heal from the hurts of the past – to recover from the sometimes uncaring and harsh world.

… a place to breathe and grow where others are doing the same.

… a place to know that you’re absolutely not alone.

The sharing is deep. The laughter is contagious. The transformation is powerful. 


A confidentiality agreement is signed by all members of the group. Everyone agrees that what happens in group stays in group.

Support & Growth Group

Weekly topics give members a chance to express and explore facets of themselves that are not shared in everyday interactions.

In a supportive and warm atmosphere, you will get to know yourself and others in an emotionally intimate way that is safe and relaxed.

Your comfort level is respected at all times. If there are times when it’s too much to share, you can pass without pressure.

There are benefits beyond words when you hear your experience reflected in someone else’s story.



What to do now?

With a simple conversation, we will get the answers you are looking for. Together, we will figure it out.

Don’t overthink this.

Call me, Sharon Dunbar, and find out if a group is the answer for you: (941) 473-2400.