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About Therapy

Throughout our lives, we experience transformations.

Sometimes with great clarity… and other times unconscious of what brought us to a point.

Wouldn’t you like to be in charge of your transformation rather than getting whatever life randomly throws at you?

Together, we will find out what’s getting in your way and move you to what you really want.

I know there are times that it can feel like there is no hope. That no one will understand. That you are all alone.

I will show you there is more than hope…

… there is a clear path and a bright future waiting for you.

Others have told me that there is no help for them. 

They take a chance, a leap of faith. Then they find out that with compassion, respect, and the right tools, there is a way out of suffering for them.

There is a way out for you, too.

Let’s sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and talk about you and what you really want. 

Not sure what you want? No worries…

We will figure it out.

From the moment you walk in and every time you come in… this is all about you.

When was the last time you remember it being about you at all?

There is a clear path for everyone, and I will guide you to yours.

There is a plan just for you. Everyone is a unique being made up of many experiences, talents, challenges, and gifts. That is why there is a special and unique plan for you. A plan to meet your experience of life.

Through careful and respectful questions, exercises, and homework, you will dig deep down and get very clear on where you want to be.

And I will be with you every step of the way cheering you on and supporting you when things get tough.

About Me

Professional background…

With 20+ years of experience and trained in several modalities, I am a highly motivated practitioner who will tailor healing to your comfort and tolerance.

I believe I was meant to do this.

From a very early age, I found a certain comfort listening to others and helping them to more peace and happiness.

It was a fit for me. That’s why there was no question that I was going to school to become a counselor.

This is my passion: Assisting someone’s transformation and witnessing them living the good life they have always deserved is awe inspiring.

I am honored to walk with you on this journey to healing and thriving.

We are all a work in progress.

I am no exception.

So, when I am not facilitating psycho-therapeutic healing, I am committed to being and doing more. It’s fun (most of the time) to challenge myself and reach out of my comfort zone with new experiences.