For a quick and simple way to take the edge off, please find a quiet space and listen to a complimentary five minute guided relaxation

Anxiety and Depression

It seems so difficult to shine through the despair…

Battling all the fears… all the “the what ifs.”

Trying so many things to get beyond the tears, loneliness, fears, and hopelessness… only to come right back to the isolation and dread.

Knowing that others are living life and enjoying their days… wondering why that isn’t you.

The longer the suffering, the more life is affected.

You feel more and more like an outsider…

Having said “no” to so many invitations, people stop inviting you.

Family members become frustrated, as they don’t understand what is going on with you.

Maybe you’re missing work… or your heart just isn’t in it when you’re there.

Things hurt physically and mentally. Even your heart hurts…

You know you love your family and friends. And as hard as it is to admit to yourself… you just don’t feel it anymore. The love is there somewhere but the numbness is all that’s reachable.

How in the hell do you get out of this… hell?

Out of the darkness and into the light…

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”Roy T. Bennett

There is relief.

Therapy transforms old thoughts, habits, and patterns into a new perspective and new way of doing things.

Breaking down the barriers that keep you stuck so that you can access you again.

Through directed conversation and a safe space to express yourself, therapy will bring you the awareness of what is blocking your progress. Looking at those things that were too painful or too overwhelming, we can face them together in a more modified way so that it is not so overwhelming. This enables us to effectively heal your wounded parts and modify life to correlate with your true powerful self.  

I will be with you every step of the way.

In a controlled and systematic way, we will explore the things that have created this mess and we will work to heal the past, get you living in the present, and excited about the future.

Together, we will work in the present to alleviate symptoms. I will teach you techniques to try throughout the week. Everyone is unique, so there is no cookie cutter answer. Together, we will find your right answer.

We will also find the “trigger” for your discomfort. Many of – but not every time – the answers will be things from your past that you have already conquered. The memory, conscious or unconscious, is attempting to keep you safe in the present.

This would be a good thing if it was relevant. However, the survival part of our brains cannot distinguish the difference. Through emotional, physical, and cognitive awareness, we can create a more effective use of those memories and experiences.

Instead of the world feeling oppressive and scary, your world will open to new and exciting possibilities. This transformation happens within you. You have the answers. It is my job to help you access the answers.

This creates lasting change. This will reconnect you with you.

If you are ready to make a change I am here to help.

Picking up the phone can be a scary thought.

… but it’s my job to make it okay.

All you have to do is dial (941) 473-2400. I will do the rest.