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Coaching Services

There’s a goal you want to achieve…

… but for some reason, it’s just not possible to grasp it. The steps to getting there are overwhelming and confusing.

Trying to lose weight, but the scale is going up instead of down.

Wanting to break free from an undesirable job and really do what you enjoy, but finding yourself going through the same door every Monday with no changes.

Realizing that the last time you did anything for yourself was before your children were born – and they are teenagers. Now you’re not sure what you even want to do or what you want.

There are no signs. No manuals. How do you get there when you have no one to show you the way?

Breaking the cycle of disappointment…

It’s frustrating to start and stop and feel as though you’ve gotten nowhere.

You know exactly what you want, but something is stopping you from getting it. When you look in the mirror, you realize it’s you. You’re stopping yourself.

Time after time, procrastination, fear, excuses, and/or the influence of others is getting in the way of your dreams.

You need someone objective to show you the clearest path… someone to help you break the cycle of disappointment.

Coaching services may be for you.

Many people choose coaching to improve performance, improve relationships, learn effective goal-setting, better self-care, and practice ways to reduce stress.

We will determine where you are and where you want to be. Then I will design a clear path using your unique talents to get you to your goal.

Sessions are individualized and with a strategic set of steps to get you to your goal as succinctly as possible.

During subsequent sessions, we will review your progress, discuss any pitfalls, and tweak your plan if necessary. All the while, I’ll provide encouragement and structure for you on your journey.

There are times when a block may happen during the process. This may take some therapeutic work to unblock. This is the benefit of having someone with both coaching and counseling credentials.

The choice of counseling versus coaching…

It can be tricky for someone who has never experienced either process.

Some differences to consider are whether there is healing that needs to be done from your past (counseling)… or whether there is something specific that is not working currently in your life (coaching).

Do you have a specific goal you want to accomplish (coaching), or are things just not working and you don’t know why (counseling)?

Are you frustrated because you can’t get something you desire (coaching), or do you have overwhelming feelings that you don’t understand (counseling)?

Are you ready to go?

I will help you to determine which course is best suited for you.

Let me answer any questions you may have.  

All you have to do is call me, Sharon, for a free 20-minute phone consultation: (941) 473-2400.