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Healing with Therapy

Unsure of where to go, she reached out for help.

Trudy called early one Monday morning. She was unsure she was calling the right place and wasn’t sure what she needed.

She never even thought of therapy as an option before, but life had gotten too unbearable to continue on in the same manner.

She didn’t want to die, but she didn’t want to live either.

Lonely, misunderstood, and exhausted with it all…

We talked for a bit. Trudy told me a little about what was happening in her life.

She said that the thought of getting out of bed in the morning was more than a struggle. It took everything she had. She would lay there for 30 minutes or more convincing herself that she had to get up.

She talked about the loneliness she felt. She said no one really understood her… she wasn’t sure she understood herself.

Trudy hated going out and socializing. She hated the superficial talk and the fake smile she had to put on. Like most things in her life, this, too, was exhausting. She definitely didn’t go out of her way to meet new people. Instead, others had to convince her to get together. She often cancelled, because she just couldn’t do it.

She repeated how she wasn’t sure that therapy was going to be able to help her.

Trudy decided to give therapy a try.

She made her first appointment. Later she told me that she almost cancelled her appointment numerous times. Something deep inside her told her to have the courage.

The worst that could happen is that she wasted an hour of her life… but she had done that every day just trying to get out of bed.

Trudy said the first visit was the scariest. The next was better. Before long she was excited to come to therapy.

She learned so much about herself.

Trudy became empowered, as she began to understand her unique and special gifts… and became connected to the world around her.

She no longer thinks of the world as a dangerous place. Nor does she live in a fantasyland: She knows how to stay safe, and she can also experience the beauty and love around her.

Trudy doesn’t wait to get out of bed in the morning. In fact, it’s not even a thought anymore. She cannot wait to start her day.

Making that special connection in therapy…

I miss seeing Trudy every week. She is such a wonderful person. It is always great to hear from her and learn about the exciting things happening in her life.

One of the things that Trudy tells me is that the Monday morning call she made all those years ago was the best she ever made.

The other thing that she tells me is how grateful she is to know that if life throws her a curve ball, she knows all she has to do is pick up the phone.

Are you ready to make a change?

You can do this.

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