Life is tough… but is it supposed to be this hard?

Therapy for Depression in Englewood, FL

Dragging through the day.

Feeling alone, taken advantage of, misunderstood, and hopeless.

Why does it seem everyone else has a better life?

Something is keeping you in this cycle of despair. Unsure of what it is and not knowing how to get out just makes things worse.

Frightened by the unknown and paralyzed by the thought of knowing.

Together, we can stop this cycle.

A life worth living…

Let’s figure out what is creating the turmoil in your life and change it!

With individualized treatment for your specific needs and comfort, we will create the life you didn’t even dare to dream of.

You and I both know you have the answers. Getting to them with all the distractions of life and minutiae from the past makes it hard to sort out the answers.

Having an uninterrupted hour set aside each week will put the focus on you.

This is a safe space to say and feel whatever is real for you.

With thoughtful questions and complete attention to your answers, I get a clear understanding of your past, present, and wants for the future. Then, a plan is set in place that fits your style and comfort.

This is where we sort out the behaviors that were serving you well in your past but no longer serve you today. Then we will figure out what will work better now.

During each session, we will carefully and respectfully connect you to your inner wisdom with conversation designed to help you go deeper and heal.

Some days we will talk about the present…

… some days about the past.

Often there will be suggestions for you to try new things during the week. This “homework” is designed to enhance and deepen growth that occurred in session.

Every step we take in therapy is your ultimate decision. We will be guided by your inner wisdom.

Let’s release the fears and lift the gripping depression.

As E.E. Cummings said, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

For 20+ years, I have been assisting people to release unwanted baggage and break into their true powerful selves.

Together, we got this. Just one call away and you have embarked on your courageous journey.

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