Don’t waste more time with a hit or miss strategy.

Let me show you the solution.

Therapy in Englewood, FL

The fantasy of running away from all the hurt…

… the stress and disappointment – it can be very strong.

So strong in fact, you wonder, “Why aren’t I gone?”

Could it be that you know geography is not going to cure the aching you feel at your very core? You don’t know what will, but you just know running away wont.

Waking up every day thinking, “Crap! Another day to face! How am I going to get out of this bed and face it?”

Life just doesn’t seem to go your way.

Everything you’ve tried brings temporary, little, or no relief. Some things actually made your life worse!

No one can comfort you. Not for long, anyway. Comforting doesn’t work either.

That is because comforting support is only part of the solution.

It’s time for solutions that work.

And I can show you how.

In a comfortable, confidential, and relaxed atmosphere I will teach you how your mind, body, and emotions work together to create the circumstances of your life.

With each session, more clarity will come, and you will become free of the past, happy in your present, and excited for your future.

Committing to a process of healing is your ticket out of the pain and anguish.

There are choices…

… and with awareness comes choice.

Choice about who is in your life and in what capacity.

Choice about what you want to do with your life.

Choice about how you react to what life throws at you.

This is what brings you right back to your power and your happiness.

Call me and let’s get started: (941) 473-2400.

I respond to all requests within 24 hours.